2021 is Here and hindsight is 2020!

Song Mtn is open, Skiing is good. 

Please remember the following:

  1. Wear Masks when not skiing or eating/drinking​​

  2. Respect everyone with social distancing

  3. currently there are no parties scheduled

  4. Register at skicny.com every time you ski

  5. Make sure your Thunderbird Pass is visible

  6. Have fun!

Welcome to the Thunderbird Club website.  Please check for updates on parties, events and othe social gatherings throughout the season.  A special welcome to all of our new members as well as to all of our previous members! We'd like to share a few rules with
you, explain what your dues provide, and outline the schedule of events for this ski season.


The Thunderbird Club is for members only. Your pass should be visible while you are in the club. You are responsible for paying $10.00 for any adult non-member, and $5.00 for any children per visit (12 and under) who are your guests. The same non-member may only return as a guest once a month. Please go to the office to pay for and receive a guest pass. On any party day an extra $10.00 per guest must be paid to a Board Member for any guests (adult or child).  


Again this year we will have the opportunity for each member to race NASTAR at Song Mountain for the entire season as part of your dues.   Just show your Thunderbird Pass at the Nastar start.  This does not include Team racing events.  The Keurig Coffee / Tea / Hot Chocolate machine is for everyone's use. You will need to purchase your own K cups.  Check the T-Bird bulletin board and website for more information and updates to the schedule.