I want to Host a Party. What do I do?

A: Contact a board memberand request the date of the party . It will be posted on the bulletin board.  The club provides Beer and Wine, and the party food is paid by the club up to a specified amount.

Volunteers are needed to host parties or breakfast.  Here are some details about hosting a party/breakfast:

  • Party costs are NOT out of pocket.  Each host has a budget of $200 for a party and $150 for a breakfast.  You simply purchase whatever food you can within your budget.  Save your receipts fill, out form and you will be reimbursed promptly. Click here for Reimbursment Form PDF.

  • Beer and wine are supplied so that doesn’t come out of your budget.

  • A party can be hosted by a single family or several, whatever works best for you.

  • The biggest question everyone seems to have is “how much food do I buy?”    Just purchase whatever you can with the allotted budget.

  • Parties aren’t meant to be a meal, they are simply “happy hours” with snacks.

  • Serving utensils should be made available for each item served.


Please volunteer to host a party.  Your budget is approximately $200.00. Several families can join to host any party.  They can be as simple as Cheese and crackers or as fancy as you want!  New ideas are always welcome! Contact Lisa Roy, Joan Macholl or Kim Caldwell to sign up.  Phone numbers on above printable schedule found here.

What do I do if no tables are available?

A:  A table cloth on a table does not mean it is reserved!  Please share tables, anyone is welcome to use any table, please make room for everyone!